7 Reasons You Should Study Abroad

amnaalabdulla February 29, 2012 2

They say you learn something new from every experience, good or bad. Studying in Rome has been one of the best experiences of my life, so far. I have learned a lot of things that helped in shaping my personality and career path. If you were confused about whether to pursue your education abroad or not, I would recommend you to complete reading this article. I have listed down the benefits you would gain from your stay abroad.

1.         Gain new perspective: One thing I’ve learned is that I have gained a new perspective of life and how I want to live it. I have a feeling that had I stayed at home, I would not have learned as much about myself as I have living in Rome. It has opened my eyes to a different world and I’m sure anyone who has studied abroad in their young adult life can say the same.

2.         Advanced education: The quality of your education is an important thing to consider, especially if you’re capable of getting into a good university. Better universities have better facilities, better levels of education, better teachers usually, and most of all a better reputation. They also tend to be harder to get in to and are more demanding of you intellectually. Good thing is in today’s world students can travel easily and move around to pursue the right education.

3.         Diversity and options: Another good thing about studying abroad is that you are provided with options that may not be provided at home. For example, you can do a double major in two different subjects, or take certain additional courses based on your interests to gain your degree, instead of being limited to a certain number of courses. This gives you the opportunity to really pursue your field of interest, without being limited in any way.

4.              Meet new people: When you live abroad, you get to meet new people from different backgrounds. This is true especially if you are planning to study in Europe; the amount of exchange students there is enormous. You learn how to deal with people who come from different backgrounds and cultures and this is an important skill to have if you plan to work in a multicultural environment. People you meet during your education abroad can benefit you in the future as well, as they add to your circle of contacts worldwide.

  5.         Live a different life and exit your comfort zone: There is no better way to develop and mature than by exiting your comfort zone and trying something new. When you live alone, you learn how to depend on yourself. The education you get from your experience of everyday life abroad is even greater than what you may pick up in your classes. This adds adaptability and flexibility to your personality, which is again, something that employers really value.

  6.         Learning a different language: Studying abroad provides the best opportunity for you to learn a different language. Learning a new language from an instructional CD is one thing, and learning by living in that culture and speaking with locals is another. Learning a new language is not only an added skill to have, but multilingualism looks absolutely stellar on your CV.

7.         Gaining international exposure: People who study abroad get the opportunity to travel internationally, and extensive exposure to different cultures and environments looks great on a CV. It tells a potential employer that you have already learned how to adapt to new surroundings and this is an essential skill for any employee to have.  Dealing with international staff is also going to be easy for you, and after having dealt with people from different cultures, your communication skills will have improved. This will make you a better team worker as well.


To those who have the opportunity, don’t pass up on the chance to study abroad. You won’t regret it!

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