3 easy ways to WOW employers in 2012

iba99 December 24, 2011 0

For every job or internship that you apply to as a fresh graduate, there are at least another 50 hopefuls that you’ll have to fight tooth and nail, to just get an interview. Want to stand out from the crowd in your job application? Here are 3 easy, effective and FREE methods to do so:

1. Prezumé:

Prezi, is the world’s leading software to create drool-worthy presentations. Did you know, that with your student ID, you can get a free account to create premium “Prezumés”? Prezi allows you to express yourself in a richer and more graphical manner. If you have made several visual projects, or would like to showcase your social media work (social profiles, how you’ve engaged the community, etc), make a dynamic Prezumé and include the link in your gradberry profile.

We recommend: View tutorials on using prezi, then check out some great examples of Prezumés to get you started.

2.       About.me profile page


About.me is a great method of linking to all your social media profiles and online identities, in one simple page. Once you register, you will receive an http://about.me/yourname subdomain, where you can upload info, skills and your image. The website allows you to fully customize your page, showcase your work, and track analytics and views. In short, you can create a tiny website about yourself, in minutes. Plus, you also get added to the about.me directory, making it even easier for people to search for you and your work. Once you’re done, make sure to include the about.me link in your gradberry profile, CV and any other applications that you may send out to employers.

We recommend: These jaw-dropping about.me designs and profiles for some raw inspiration.

 3.       Video resume on Youtube

There are so many reasons you should be having a video resume, that it would take 500 posts to list them all. Consider this: When an HR rep is going through page after page of boring resumes, they need to see a reason for them to stop and go “Woah”. Video resumes allow candidates to really “pop” on their applications, and explain who they are as a person, and why they are the best candidate for the position. Videos also help with your social branding, SEO on google (when an employer searches for your name on google, the video would be the first result if it’s under your name) and can be integrated with other tools (blogs, twitter, linkedin). They are free, inexpensive to make, and there are very few grads using video resumes in the Middle East, hence the competition is lower. So, what are you waiting for? Start recording!

We recommend: Plan how you want to appear on your video beforehand, and make sure to write a script which is consistent with your social branding presence.  Or, just wing it and be awesome, like Barney Stinson.